Chi Fountain Integrative Medicine


Chi Fountain Integrative Medicine was an organization founded by Mikiko Murakami, based on her personal injuries and frustrations with the health care system.  After being disappointed with her original quest for a truly integrative medicine center, she started researching various medical and business models for integrative medicine and subsequently surveyed patients, physicians, and complementary medicine providers regarding the challenges that they face. The end result was the birth of an organization whose main mission was to provide medicine that was integrative, while being cost-efficient and health protective. The organization consisted of a collaborative team of complementary and alternative health care providers, serving more than 3000 patients between 2003-2008.


Services provided:


1. Treatments: the team specialized in treating Pain, GI Issues and Endocrine Imbalances with modalities including: naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and herbs, chi nei tsang (Chinese abdominal massage), jin shin jyutsu, nutrition, chiropractic care, massage therapy, floatation tank, Pilates.


2. Research: Using her work experience at Health Guide at San Francisco’s CPMC Integrative Medicine Institute of Health and Healing, Mikiko did research for patients who wanted to learn about non-conventional methods to treat their conditions. She worked closely with patients as well as their physicians to help integrate these modalities into their care.


3. Education: the Chi Fountain team offered year-round workshops all around the Bay Area, including at the annual UCSF Integrative Medicine Conference.

Inspired by the various health care providers she met along the way, Mikiko decided to become hands-on physician, and is now an Osteopath and a Certified Acupuncturist, pursuing Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC.   You can contact her at miki.murakami[at]gmail[dot]com